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JSNAs for Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea

The fire at Grenfell Tower on June 14, 2017 had a devastating impact on many people. 72 people lost their lives, and many others experienced trauma, loss and displacement.

The past year has seen a large-scale response from a wide range of organisations: local and central government, the NHS, voluntary and community organisations, schools, and the community itself. This response has focused primarily on rehousing survivors, meeting health and wellbeing needs, and memorialisation. There has also been a focus on justice and accountability through the ongoing work of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and the criminal investigation.

This report focuses on the impact of the fire. Its main objectives are:

  •  To give an initial picture of the impact of the fire on those affected
  •  To advise the relevant public bodies (primarily the Council, the NHS and central government) on the foundations of an effective recovery
  •  To inform the development of a long-term recovery strategy
  •  Acting as a reference point for all those wanting to assess and shape the journey of recovery, now and in the future

The report brings together the following to give an assessment of the initial impact of the fire and make recommendations for the approach to long-term recovery:

  •  Evidence about the characteristics of the communities of North Kensington before the fire
  •  Evidence from other disasters in the UK and across the world
  •  Analysis of existing socioeconomic and health data on the impact of the disaster
  •  Evidence from local communities about what matters most to those who have been affected and what their priorities for recovery are


The Grenfell JSNA is currently being refreshed.  To view the working draft please visit Grenfell JSNA 2024 | Joint Strategic Needs Assessment  


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