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Grenfell Tower fire disaster

Supporting health & wellbeing for the communities impacted by the Grenfell Tower Fire Disaster

The Grenfell Tower fire disaster has had deep and far reaching consequences for the health and wellbeing of residents of North Kensington.  Many people are in mourning.  Permanent housing is a major priority for those displaced, and a significant challenge to meet the needs of individual families.  Trauma following the fire, is a deep concern across the community. There are many other pressing concerns.  A wide range of responses from statutory services to grassroots initiatives are ongoing to address the diverse needs for survivors, the bereaved, those displaced and those in the wider community, all impacted in many ways. 

The Needs Assessment on Health and Wellbeing and Community Recovery is an ongoing piece of work aiming to build the evidence base around the response and the long term goal of community recovery.  This piece of work aims to bring a wide range of evidence together to inform the ongoing response and future decision making across the area.

The Needs Assessment has four primary components:

  • A profile of the population in the areas impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster 
  • An evidence review on community recovery following disasters to understand what we can learn from elsewhere to help inform our response locally
  • Evidence from public services and community organisations on the needs which have emerged post fire
  • The perspectives of those living in the community on what matters to them for the future of North Kensington

As different elements of the needs assessment are completed they will be added to this page.

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