Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

JSNAs for Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea


Factsheets are short documents summarising important data.

Title Coverage Date published
Shisha evidence briefing Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster Mar 2013
Physical activity Triborough Jan 2013
Mortality Triborough Jan 2013
Drug and alcohol treatment data Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster Nov 2012
Slope index of inequality briefing Triborough Sep 2012
MST and FFT evidence review Triborough Jan 2012
Teenage conceptions Triborough Jan 2012
Youth justice system Triborough Jan 2012
Self harm Triborough Jan 2012
Road traffic accidents Triborough Jan 2012
Incapacity benefit for mental health Triborough Jan 2012
Homelessness and temporary accomodation Triborough Jan 2012
Child poverty factsheet Triborough Jan 2012
Public health outcomes framework Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster Jan 2012