Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

JSNAs for Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea
Date document published: 
Oct 2017
Kensington and Chelsea

This year's annual report of the Director of Public Health focuses on the importance of protecting and improving our own mental wellbeing, and that of the people around us – our families, friends, neighbours, and local communities.

Good mental wellbeing is important for us to lead happy, healthy lives.  The report describes why good mental wellbeing is important, what affects our mental wellbeing, and explores how to maintain and improve mental wellbeing throughout life.

The key messages are

  • Poor mental wellbeing can affect us and those around us at any point in our lives. Mental wellbeing can impact on all aspects of our lives and is ‘everyone’s business’
  • We can all play a role in improving our own and others’ mental wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, and Give
  • To help build the mental resilience of our local communities we need to better understand residents’ mental wellbeing and what works to improve this. 
  • We can achieve this by working in partnership with residents and other organisations and considering mental wellbeing when commissioning and evaluating services 
  • We need to ensure investment is channelled towards prevention and early intervention not just towards treatment  

 An online version of the report is also available here