Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

JSNAs for Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea
Date document published: 
Dec 2017
Kensington and Chelsea


What is the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA)?

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) reports on the need for and provision of pharmacy services in a local area.  The PNA is primarily used by NHS England to make decisions about applications to open new pharmacies or to change their location within a local area.  The assessment may also help Kensington and Chelsea council or local health organisations to understand what services they can buy from pharmacies to support residents or visitors, for example, help for residents to stop smoking.  


What is the Health and Wellbeing Board?

Health and Wellbeing Boards were set up by the Government in 2013 within each local area. They are a forum through which council and key partners from the health and care system work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population and tackle health inequalities.

The Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board brings together leaders from key agencies such as the council, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sectors.


What does the Kensington and Chelsea Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment tell us?  

Number of pharmacies 

The Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment tells us that there are 42 pharmacies in Kensington and Chelsea. There are also 19 pharmacies located outside of Kensington and Chelsea which are within 500m of the Kensington and Chelsea borough border.

Most residents within Kensington and Chelsea will need to travel no more than 500 metres to reach a pharmacy.

On the basis of the evidence collected, the Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board believe that the current number and location of pharmacies means that we have sufficient pharmacy services in Kensington and Chelsea to cater for the needs of residents.

Opening Times

Fourteen pharmacies in Kensington and Chelsea are open before 9am and 17 pharmacies are open after 7pm from Monday to Friday. There are 40 pharmacies open on Saturdays and 23 pharmacies open on Sundays within the borough. In addition, a number of pharmacies in neighbouring boroughs within 500m of Kensington and Chelsea provide early morning, late evening and weekend opening.

However within the St Helens, Nottingdale, Norland and Holland wards there are no pharmacies open before 9am, after 7pm on Sundays.

On the basis of the evidence collected, Kensington and Chelsea Health and Wellbeing Board believes that the range of opening hours, options for delivery of medications and the close proximity of pharmacies to local residents is sufficient for supplying a necessary pharmaceutical service in the Royal Borough. 

For a full statement of services please see the executive summary in the draft report.