Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

JSNAs for Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea

Other sources

Below are links to a wide range of further sources of data and evidence, arranged by category.  

Commissioning tools

These resources can help with evidence-based, cost-effective commissioning.

  • CCG outcomes tool: provides interactive access to key data for CCGs (e.g. disease prevalence, quality of life)
  • Segment tool: developed by Public Health England's (PHE) Knowledge and Intelligence Teams (London and East Midlands) and provides information on the causes of death that are driving inequalities in life expectancy at local area level
  • Longer lives: Tool developed by Public Health England that compares rates of premature mortality in local authorities
  • Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Commissioning for Value packs: National benchmarked data for heart disease and stroke used to understand variation across the pathway for each CCG in England to help improve cardiovascular disease commissioning
  • Diabetes outcomes versus expenditure (DOVE) tool: Explores the relationship between spending on diabetes care and clinical outcomes
  • Spend on health areas: downloadable Programme Budgeting Factsheets by PCT/CCG, allowing you to benchmark spend and outcomes in different areas (e.g. infection diseases, mental health, dental, etc.)
  • Care spend estimating tool: Estimates how a local care economy spends its money by age group, patient group and care settings

Data websites and observatories

  • NCHOD: Data on a range of health and social care indicators, including mortality data, new cancer registrations, oral health, abortions. Unrestricted public access to regional level data. Borough level data restricted to NHS
  • Health Needs Assessment (HNA) toolkit: Comprehensive JSNA-based borough and ward-level health needs and activity data
  • NHS Information Centre: Extensive range of health, lifestyle, screening, service and primary care data
  • London Datastore: Created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) the datastore provides a comprehensive range of data across all topic areas, at borough, ward and SOA level
  • London Health Observatory at Public Health England: Indicators include ward-level data on mortality and admissions
  • Nomis: UK labour market statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). For ward-level 2001 Census cross-tab data and employment/ benefit figures.
  • ONS Neighbourhood Statistics: Allows you to find detailed statistics within specific geographic areas, down to output area level
  • Office for National Statistics: Provides a range of borough-level national datasets across a range of themes
  • Network of Public Health Observatories: Formerly the Association of Public Health Observatories. Links to a range of data items
  • Combined Homeless and Information Network (CHAIN): The Combined Homeless and Information Network (CHAIN) database records information on rough sleepers and the street population in London. Bi-monthly and annual reports are produced for Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster. CHAIN is managed by the homeless charity Broadway

Evidence and reports


e-Atlas and Instant Atlas web mapping

  • Older People's Health and Wellbeing Atlas: The Older People’s Health and Wellbeing Atlas provides a snapshot profile of each local authority in England. Interactive maps and charts enable comparisons to be made nationally for over 100 indicators